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What Is Endermologie?


Endermologie is one of the latest forms of cellulite-reducing technology designed to smooth problem skin without using surgery or lasers or leaving lasting scars. Originally developed by a French plastic surgeon to help fade away scars from burns and surgeries, the full-fledged cosmetic enhancement system has now helped thousands of patients who say the treatment gave them solid lasting results.


  • Endermologie’s comprehensive beauty and massage system is designed to massage away cellulite so that it’s less visible. The system uses technology created by French aesthetic health and wellness company, LPG Systems. This technology is used to either lift or roll skin so that its appearance is changed, actually decreasing fat and cellulite while creating an overall smoother appearance of the skin. During treatments, endermologie practitioners use motorized machines with rollers that glide over the skin to promote the production of collagen and elastin, unveiling healthier, glowing skin. The specially designed massage techniques and tools can release toxins and excess water retention throughout the body and can also help fade away scars as a result of cosmetic procedures.

  • Types

  • Two main types of Endermologie treatments are currently offered at health clinics and spas throughout the world. The first of these treatments is called Lipomassage’, which uses motorized massage tools to target fat, cellulite and uneven skin shape to balance out the skin. Meanwhile, Liftmassage’ by Endermologie uses both the masseuse’s knowledge of the skin and body as well as LPG “Lift” technology to gently smooth out skin as needed. Endermologie’s patented system also includes the Keymodule, a small, hand-held device that uses rollers to treat the skin

  • Time Frame

  • Endermologie treatments generally last for about 30 minutes, but may go on longer depending on how many areas of the skin are being treated. In order to maintain the same skin-firming and toning results Endermologie provides, clients will need to return for repeat treatments on a regular basis.

  • Considerations

  • Once a patient has stopped undergoing Endermologie treatments, any original skin problems or cellulite generally return within three to four weeks. In addition to receiving treatments, practitioners of Endermologie also advise maintaining healthy lifestyle habits including a nutritious diet and regular exercise to maintain results.

  • Warning

  • While Endermologie is generally a painless process and little if any side effects have been reported, there may be a slight feeling of soreness following treatments.

  • The Endermologie course involves the minimum of fourteen to twenty treatment sessions of 35 to 45 minutes duration.


    640 Borzoi Str, Garsfontein, Pretoria | Tel: 012 993 3864 | E-mail: info@endermologiepretoria.co.za

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